In this text I want write more about classic football shirt brands, about history and variety. 

At the beginning it was a practically a three big commercial brands who was making football shirts, at seventies it was Adidas, Admiral and Umbro. It was a genesis. Later began to form more different manufacturers. Clubs had got a bigger variety and be able to choose from ever-increasing companies. It started to appear a first commercials at front of kits. Football shirts began to be more colourful, varied, sometimes very strange. It is even a ?the worst football shirts top list?. Sometimes manufacturers got too much of imagination. In my opinion that imagination gave us very special, unique and one of a kind vintage football shirts. Also technology was change. Manufacturers started to use different kind of fabrics, they trying to make more comfortable and modern equipment. Football shirts are lighter, breathable. But I think that is ?killing? something important, something uncountable. Modern shirts are boring, it?s look almost the same, in opposite of that are vintage football shirts, when You keep it in your hands you can almost feel the history, textile is different. Embroidered logos and commercials makes them almost like handmade.

The most diverse ?part of football kits manufactures? in my opinion is Great Britain. When I start collecting old football shirts I?ve known a few the most popular brands. Later I realized I did know nothing.  There are so many small brands, so many manufacturers that I didn?t even know they are exist. Some clubs had their own brand like for example ?Fox leisure? was making shirts for Leicester City, Wolverhampton Wanderers got ?Wolves leisure?, Portsmouth ?Pompey Sport?. Some clubs are changing manufacturers very often, some very rarely, it depends on the benefits. It?s normal that big companies are paying many million pounds to make equipment for clubs like Manchester United or Arsenal London. It?s a big business, very big, it?s making billions pounds yearly. Small clubs don?t have that kind of comfort. Over the years I met many brands, sometimes very small, sometimes that companies doesn?t exist anymore. Brand, club logo and commercials on classic football shirt gives on of kind mixture. Something unique. That You know there?s only one design.

In early years it was mostly: Admiral and Umbro rarely Adidas, later appears brands like Matchwinner, Jan Webster, Erima, Europa, Spall, Nutmeg, Pelada, Super League, Patrick, Diadora, Puma, Nike, Avec, Le coq sportif, Hummel, Henson, Reebok, Asics, Hobott, Burrda, Surridge, Scoreline, Lowfields, Gola, Xara, Reusch, Lotto, Kappa, Sporta, TFG Sports, Uhlsport, Carlotti, Fila, Errea, Carbrini, Ribero, Mitre, En-s, Ellgren, Bukta, Osca, Joma, Skill, Vandanell, Airness, Canterbury, Influence, Jako, Hi-tec, Mizuno, Strikeforce, Lonsdale, H2O... Currently we can find new brands like Macron, Under Armour, Fc Liverpool signed contract with Warrior Sport. A little bit different it?s for example in South America where they got their own brands like: Topper, Astro, Marathon, Walon, Kallini, Dellerba, Penalty, Atletica, Fulmen Sport, Olan, Olympikus... Sometimes we can also find ?official products?, it?s not a fakes but different, cheaper, not so valuable. Of course that?s not all, it?s only few examples to show wider perspective. Times are changing and shirts are changing. For a few years probably I?ll searching for present kits, they will became to classic football shirts. Sometimes I wonder what can surprise me in the future, maybe some big fashion brands like Hugo Boss or Armani will start to making football shirts?! No one knows. It?s a big business and right now money has a big power. It?ll be funny but tragic in one moment. Vintage football shirts will lost their magic, I think.

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